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St. Charles Community Association Documents

The Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions (Doc M & Doc D) applies to all properties in St. Charles, St. Michael and St. Thomas. 

The Bills of Assurance vary by property due to the timing of the development of the various areas of the community.

To find the documents relevant to your property:

1.  First identify the lot number of your property. This will be on correspondence from the Community Association (i.e. invoices, newsletters)
     and also on property tax assessor bills, any surveys of your property and the closing papers from the purchase of your home. This is the
     legal description of your property.

2.  Next click here for the Listing of Documents (Exhibit A).

3.  Under the column, “Lot Numbers” you can look to see which documents pertain to your specific lot.

4.  Then, identify the document code on the far right of Exhibit A, ex. E, G1, etc. to locate the file names of the documents that you want. 

5.  Open and review/print the appropriate documents. Complete documents can best be view on a tablet or laptop.

Page last updated 5/24/23
Document M Document BDocument A Document A1Document D
Document A5Document A3     Document A2      Document Z   Document E

Document F  Document Z1     Document G1      Document H   Document H1

Document E2Document I Document I2Document G2        Document J

Document I1         Document E1     Document F1      Document HG        Document A4

Document K  Document E3     Document I3Document L1 Document L

Document M1       Document A6     Document N        Document O  Document LQ

Document P  Document Q       Document R       Document S   Document T

Document Z2Document Z3      Document V       Document C1Document W

Document G3Document XDocument GDocument Z4 Document Z5

Document C