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Helpful Information

  City Services:             3-1-1   Trash Pick -Up:          501/888-2208   Garbage and Recycle Pick-Up (Tuesdays)  
                                                                                   Lawn Clippings/Yard Trash Pick-Up (Wednesdays)  
  Animal Control:          501/376-3067
  NW Police Division:   501/918-3500  (to report speeding & request patrols)  
  POA Message Line:   501/224-1083  Pool Phone:                 
  POA email:                 stcharleslr@hotmail.com  
  St.Charles Web Site Postings: stcharleslr@hotmail.com 


Additions to Your Home or Property

Fences, home additions, decks and exterior modifications to your property require approval from the Architectural Review  Committee prior to beginning work. See Architectural Control page for Guidelines and Request form. Please include project details, contact information & proposed timing of the project. 

Requests for portable storage units use are to be submitted for approval. Portable storage units are only to be located in  driveways close to homes for a period of no more than 7 days.
Boats/Trailers: Boats, trailers, RVs, etc. parked in driveways and on lots are in violation of the Bills of Assurance.  Please store them elsewhere.


Garage sale signs may be placed in common areas on the day a sale is scheduled and must be removed the same day or at conclusion of the sale.  Residents are only allowed to hold one garage sale per month per City Code. 
  Realtor/For Sale by Owner signs may be placed in common areas only on the day an open house is scheduled and  must be removed at the end of the day. All signs in violation will be removed and discarded. Please do not place any signs in the flower beds or on gas light poles.

Page last updated 5/16/24

Enjoy the beautiful weather exploring St. Charles Walking Trails - Click here for map
Yard Debris Reminder 
Please remember to place yard debris for pick up by the City in your yard at the curbnot in the street or in an island or common area. Yard debris in the street, especially limbs, poses a risk for both drivers and pedestrians. 

In addition, please be neighborly and pick up any loose debris remaining after the City pick up. Also, please do not leave debris in the parks, islands or greenspaces. 

For special trash pick-up, call 888-2208.  There is no charge for your first special trash pick-up.

Nuisance Animals in St. Charles

There are always sightings of coyotes in February and March, which is their mating season.  One of the main deterrants is as simple as removing their food source.  Please make sure you don't leave dog or cat food outside.  If you walk your dog(s) in the early evening (dusk), consider carrying an air horn as coyotes don't like loud noises.  In the event you are confronted by a coyote, do not turn and run away as this behavior could cause them to attack.  For more information on coyote behavior, click here or here for a link to Arkansas Game and Fish Commission site. 

We have had a beaver problem at the lake. Beavers have chewed several trees.  Here is a link for more information on their behavior. 

For more information nuisance animals, click here
Responsible Pet Ownership

Please make sure your dog is wearing his collar with ID when you are walking it.  Proper ID will help get your dog back to you as soon as possible if it happens to slip away. Post your lost (or found) dog on NextDoor.

If you jog or walk at night, please wear reflective clothing (strips, blinking lights) on the upper part of your body.  This makes you more visible to drivers going through the neighborhood.  It is also a good idea to add a reflector to your dog's leash, collar or jacket so that they can be easily seen.  Also, please be very cautious of walking your dog in the extreme heat. Dogs can become overheated very easily. 

Dogs bark but....please be aware of how long it is going on as it can be very bothersome to your neighbors. Continual barking should be reported to 311.

Also, please remember to carry poop bags to pick up after your dog. 

St. Charles Crime Watch is on X!  Follow us:  @SCAACrimeWatch

Join Nextdoor.com to connect directly with St. Charles residents as well as residents in nearby neighborhoods such as Villages of Wellington, Pleasant Valley, Parkway Place, Carriage Creek and more.

St. Charles Ladies Wine Club

Neighbors have organized a wine club for the ladies of St. Charles. The group meets monthly in various homes throughout the year. Ladies are invited to bring a bottle of wine or an appetizer.

If you are interested in meeting neighbors over a glass (or two) of wine, please email onpate81@gmail.com to be put on the email list for invitations.

Parking on the Street

There are numerous complaints from neighbors about cars being parked on the street.  This is an unsafe practice since we have had unlocked cars vandalized and they pose a safety hazard. Kids and pets can dart out from behind parked cars. It is also very unsafe for cars to be parked on the curve of a hill.

Please park your car in your garage or driveway. If you have a concern about a parking situation, contact LRPD Non-Emergency Line at 501/371-4829.
City Regulations Regarding Burning

Several residents have expressed concerns or had questions regarding burning of debris.

The City of Little Rock requires a burn permit in order for residents to burn items on thir property. If you have not already obtained one, you can do so online at:  https:\\clrweb.littlerock.state.ar.us/fire/login.php

The permits are $5 and are good for one year. In addition, residents are required to check in with the Little Rock Fire Department to ensure that there is not a burn ban in place each time, before they begin to burn.,

Items allowed to be burned are restricted to leaves, grass clippings and shrubbery clippings. 

New to St. Charles? We'd love to meet you!

Our new Welcome Committee would like to pop by at your convenience and drop off a small welcome gift. If you have not already been contacted, please email judyh@rocketmail.com or maryhorn99@comcast.net. 
Note: Complete links can be best viewed on a tablet or laptop.
                                                            Pickleball and Tennis 

If you're interested in playing pickleball, email Joe Arnold at arnoldaudio@comcast.net. He will invite you to join the GroupMe group. Download the GroupMe app to receive information.

Requests for the court code can be made by sending an email to stcharleslr@hotmail.com. The gate code is available to residents in good standing (all fees paid). The code is not to be released to non-residents.

During Rock Creek Trail clean up, please park on the right side of the parking lot only so City equipment can park on the left side. 

Parents - Please supervise your children while playing at the courts. Do not allow them to mark on the courts with chalk or other substances as it can damage them. Resurfacing costs are exhorbitant so please respect our improvements!

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What's Happening

Community Clean Up/Recognition Event - Second Saturday of each month 

    June 8 - St. Charles Celebrates our 2024 High School and College Graduates
    July 13 - St. Charles Celebrates our Volunteers
    August 10 - To be announced

Nominations for Yard of the Month - May 15

Pool Opens - May 25

First Friday at the Pool - June 7

Pickleball Tips - Page 1
Pickleball Tips - Page 2
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Yard of the Month

Nominations due by
June 15th for the next St. Charles Yard of the Month!
 Send in your nominations with property address and photo to Courtney Pierce at piecourtney@gmail.com

Winners are on our FaceBook page and entered into a drawing for a home improvement gift card to be awarded at the Annual neighborhood meeting.
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2024 Pool Opening will feature Taste of Goodlyfe Little Rock Food Truck. They will be available from 2:00-6:30 on Saturday, May 25. Offerings include quesadillas, nachos, loaded fries, wings, ribs and more!  For full menu, go to www.tasteofgoodlyfe.com